Why did that candidate reject your job offer?

This post was inspired by a slide on Greylock Partners’ Debugging Recruiting slidedeck 

There are a few reasons good candidates can reject your offer. 6 of them come to mind. They are:

  1. Another hiring manager made a better offer 
  2. Salary package offered wasn’t enough 
  3. You took too long after the interview to send an offer – even a few days after can be too long in some job markets
  4. They got a job offer from a stronger employer – could be a dream (e.g. Disney) or larger (Fortune 500) company 
  5. You spooked the job candidate during the interview 
  6. Role expectations weren’t clear – reporting relationships, decision authority, types of client & project assignments 

Some reasons can be controlled while others need you to stay near a crystal ball. In any case, don’t take a rejected offer to heart.