Where do you fit on the passive-aggressive manager spectrum?

Frontline managers all over face the same issue.
It’s the constant battle to get benchmark-beating results.
The tough part: doing this without crushing your people in the process.

That means not falling on the passive-aggressive manager spectrum:

No, really. Ongoing goal crushing means not crushing your people!

Don’t be an aggressive manager
“Do work my way or take the highway!”
Micromanaging and constant anger wears thin
You risk grinding down and losing your best people

Don’t be a pushov… passive manager
“I shouldn’t get in the way of good work”
Little direction lets low performers off the hook
The result: what results? Just a bad rep for your team

And don’t be passive-aggressive
“I didn’t give specific orders because I thought you had this!”
Like kicking a man down on the ground because you didn’t tell him to watch out for that frisbee

αlpha managers don’t fall anywhere in this spectrum.
They know that results are created by individual contributors on the team. Grinding them down or giving little direction will serve no purpose.

That’s why αlpha manager stay on top of team issues and:

  • Hire people who best fit the role and team culture
  • Coach contributors and the team towards smashing goals
  • Systemize team processes in tune with best practices

My question to you: are you ready to become an αlpha manager?




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