So how did you end up becoming a manager?

The question sounds like small-talk you’d hear at a conference mixer.

But you should know the answer. In case your boss sends you to that convention and you end up in that conversation!

In my mind, these are the 2 most common answers:

You might have fallen into the role.

You’ve been a solid individual contributor – good at technical work, maybe even a little likeable. This has given you a solid result streak.

Someone higher up noticed. They have a feeling that promoting you to manager could help rub some of your results onto others.

You still have an urge to want to do the work yourself, not tell others to do it. Thing is, that old dynamic is no longer an option for you.

You are judged by the work others do, so you better make sure they do it well. The hard part: not falling on the passive-aggressive manager spectrum in the process.

Regardless of whether you want to be manager or not, your current job depends on you doing it right.

That means hiring the right people for your team’s roles, coaching them effectively and having a system in place to make sure work gets done to standard. Not easy, but αlpha manager will help.

You’ve always wanted to be a manager.

After years of pushing for it with people up the food chain, you’ve landed your dream job. Congratulations. Now, it’s time for the hard work.

If you do the manager gig long enough, you’ll learn one truth.

It’s never as simple as having a crack team on the ready then telling them to do the work and getting the desired outcome. Save that for Hollywood action movies.

You’ve learned to be more realistic and so you’re on a reading mission. You want to know everything about your new job as manager.

Early on, it’s tempting to follow advice from successful CEOs and entrepreneurs – even sports stars. They’ll say it’s about “having a vision” or “being a charismatic leader”.

Save all that for when you’re CEO. Getting bogged down in such semantics won’t solve the immediate problems you’ll face as a line manager.

Issues like how to not hire a false-positive and providing feedback without offending an A-player. With αlpha manager by your side, you’ll get there.




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