How ambitious a manager are you?

People become managers for their own reasons.

It could be your first major climb up the career ladder.

The results your team achieve – at least until you reach middle management* – will directly affect how quickly you climb.

Depending on how well you pull this off, you’ll climb the ladder fast or get stuck on the lower rungs your entire career.

That’s why it’s critical you act smart and act now like an αlpha manager.

But then again you might not care to climb this ladder at all.

You might not have wanted to be a manager, but ended up as one. How?

You were positively visible – by choice or by accident – to higher ups and this is their way of rewarding you.

Very rarely will you get the chance to go back to being an individual contributor in the same company.

So here you are – Mister or Miss Manager. What now?

Regardless of how motivated you are to be a manager, know one thing. You must crush the goals set out for you. You must show solid results.

Results are a form of social currency in your organization. Do well, you earn more social currency. Don’t do so well, get less of it.

More social dollars means better options for your team – plum projects, promotions and even protection during layoffs.

One day, you want to see yourself sitting in the CEO’s chair one day. Or you want to do great work and nothing more. Either way, you’ll benefit from learning to be like an αlpha manager.

* Once you reach middle management – at least 1 level above and below you – the game gets more complicated. You have to please more demanding bosses, bat for the managers who report to you and negotiate/co-operate with other middle managers. Being socially visible in your company made you visible and turned you into a manager. But for middle managers, that social game morphs into a form of politics. Not something you need to concentrate on at this point in your career.




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