Why alpha manager

Our goal: be the foremost resource for the development of front-line managers in professional and technical industries

Hi, I’m Ash and I started alpha manager with the above goal in mind. To achieve it, I’m building a genome of the ideal manager.

I’ve borrowed the word genome from biological sciences in which I was educated. It’s the complete set of genes that make a person.

My aim is to discover and compile for you all the genes that make for a highly effective manager.

Why it matters to me 

I know first-hand the challenge of being a front-line manager. You face constant pressure from your boss and employees.
In my later college years, I hoped to one day become a valuable and so, highly paid individual contributor. 
But that plan changed soon after I proved too valuable to my first employer.
In 2008, I was made in-charge of 8 people at a small health services business only my second year out of college.  
I would be judged, no longer by the merit of my own work, but by results others achieved. A shock to the system, alright!
I could have turned down the promotion, but something inside told me, “take on this opportunity with all your heart and mind.”
And that’s exactly what I did. I learned the in’s and out’s of the job: hiring, performance management etc. 
My success in learning led me to become the General Manager of the company a few short years later.

The sabbatical that opened my mind

After 7 years of being a manager, I took a sabbatical.
I did what I always wanted to do. As strange it might sound, I founded a software startup. And I learned even more about being a manager. 
In that fast paced world, companies formed, grew and sold within 5 years. Or they dwindled and disappeared.
To win, they had to hire and manage the best, highly-skilled, technical employees who had a lot of employment options.  
My software peers were disrupting every industry, but the biggest revelation for me was how they hired and coached their people.
My mind was well and truly blown.
They were using classic and newly discovered techniques to get employees achieving breakthrough results.
I’ve been studying their techniques and correlating them with my own experiences since 2014.

This site = experience + research

Speaking with hundreds of managers from a variety of professional and technical industries has taught me one thing.
We all face similar challenges when it comes to hiring the right people and getting them to perform at peak levels.
Your industry is unique. But the day-to-day challenges you face with employees are often anything but unique.
This website will build a framework of ideas and practices that you can apply to your unique work situation.